Next minetest version

I’ve gotten a recent minetest version to run, with the performance improvements it is mostly playable now.
I will begin work on a recipe tommorow most likely


Until now I can’t play well with Minetest on Haiku even though I have a not bad PC. Can you give me any hope that things will change?

The not so good performance primarily comes from the fact that Haiku doesn’t have hardware acceleration for any modern graphics card currently and uses software rendering instead.
Some day that may change,there are a lot of discussions about implementing hardware rendering,but it won’t be that soon.
Writing graphics drivers isn’t an easy thing to do,so for now you don’t need to expect major improvements.

Please check two posts above yours :wink:

minetest is sadly not a very efficient 3d application. But the newest version (at the time) had some major improvements for the renderer, which also translated to subdtantially better sw renderer improvements.
Add to that that minetest‘s team ported to underlying irrlicht engine to sdl2 and you actually get a much better running game.

Ideally we would want 3d drivers, but without it it was playable for me in that state. I just did not get around to updating the recipe, and now cannot access the github account anymore. : )

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Ah,I thought even with the improvements it’s not fast enough.
Good to know that improvements are on the way,just not in the Depot yet.

I‘m not able to access my github account anymore, and therefore won‘t contribute anything to haikuports.

Oh, that’s a bummer. What happened? Is there a chance to recover the access?

Well, that’s understandable, but unfortunate anyway.
I said often enough that relying on big centralized silos like Micro$ofts Github is a very bad idea, but nobody listens unfortunately.

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How about uploading contributions anywhere else? GitHub is not the only platform of its kind.

In a typical Micro$oft way, Github collects data for pretty much everything they can. Their last “invention” is the so-called “copilot”, designed to “help” wanna-be-programmers. It’s just AI collecting data from projects hosted there - of course without the developers’ consent. And supposedly uses said data to serve a ready-made code for a task someone is asking. “Perfect” for people that don’t really know much about programming, and want to become a programmer without trying to learn programming. Of course, whether copilot’s generated code works or not, whether it is optimized or not, well that’s another story.

Personally, I never uploaded anything to GitHub, and never will. There are alternatives, afterall. If you need a platform heavily relying on git there is codeberg, for instance (and others). Call me old-fashioned or whatever else you will, but I never liked git either.

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That AI nonsense is the reason why exists,and why I embed this badge in every single one of my projects (unfortunately there aren’t many projects of mine to see yet,most is still work in progress).
Codeberg is great,it’s basically a Github clone without all the commercial bullshit,and with a nice non-profit behind it.

Now I’m very interested what you use instead of Git?
I know that many alternatives exist,but I’ve never looked into the details and just used Git.
What do you use and what are the advantages?

Guess this github sh*t (sick of reading about it) can be moved elsewhere where I can just skip all this, and this topic can remain on topic?


Haikuports chooses to use github, it is not my decision.