News reader for NNTP

Hi guys.

I wanted to know if anyone here could recommend me software for reading Usenet articles?

Currently I am using mailnews (fork of Thunderbird) but I’d like something better (the styling of the buttons and such don’t look all nice in Haiku OS in this port).

Could be your first project ;-).

Brwose the software of HaiuDepot online:

Is this something do you lokking for?!/pkg/friss/haikuports/0/8/0/-/2/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc440-TQYW

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To make one?

That’d be fun. I could in Java. Just need to fire up my browser to the RFC page.

yes, sorry i does not explain this clear

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There’s Pineapple News for BeOS, may still work in Haiku.

There’s a copy on my BeShare if you can’t find it elsewhere.

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Thanks. WIll check it out.

No worries man :slight_smile: .

Wow! Somebody besides me who still reads Usenet?:grinning:Doubt I’d be much help, though. I use good old trn. Totally command-line oriented, so GUI considerations are a bit irrelevant…

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Expired beta.
… but you can fix that with this:

It seems to need an existing .ini file to avoid the Beta Expired message. I’ll make a .hpkg which sets it up, will take a couple of hours.

There is a Haiku newsgroup but it’s an alt group. Maybe we can ask the Usenet committee to make a new group comp.os.haiku. I think that would be something really cool.

Well, that’s annoying. I wasn’t able to get Pineapple News working in Haiku. After getting past the registration, it runs into file permission problems. Seems like it can’t read or write its own files, and when it creates a directory for working storage, it makes it unusable (no X flag to let you go inside the directory). Even if you copy the Pineapple folder onto your desktop and make everything writeable, it fails whenever you try to do anything. I suspect a Haiku / BeOS difference somewhere.

Anyway, I made a pineapplenews-0.9.13-1-x86_gcc2.hpkg package, which you can get on my BeShare or at Not too useful; you can run it, but it fails with an error message whenever you try to do something.

With all of one message in it – from you!:grinning: Did you set it up?

Don’t know if it would get any action. Thee’s the occasional tech group – like the Raspberry Pi one – that seems to have good attendance, but others are pretty well dead. The MIDI groups, which I’ve found useful in the past, haven’t seen a post in months. Guess the trolls drove everyone away.

No. I did not great that alt group.

I made a ticket on the BugTracker: