New website suggestion

I like the new website very much, even though there are a few “peanuts” i’d like to see changed:

  1. the four buttons at the upper right corner (beneath the navigation tabs) are images w/o alt-texts, so you can't use them with images turned off (or with a text-only browser)
  2. <label> elements in forms shouldn't be underlined on hover as the following form elements will jump down on hovering the labels (if you don't know what i mean look @ profile > edit)

And what happened with the contents of the wiki and the old forums? Are they lost or will the by restored and merged into the new forum?

Thank you!
(and forgive my not perfect english, I’m not an native speaker :-))

Thanks for the input! We will try to fix all issues that were reported.

Jorge has some plans for the wiki, but I haven't discussed them with him, yet. He wants to reorganize and repurpose the wiki. Most of the content was a duplication of what we already had on the website, which we want to avoid.

Hi Julius,

Thanks for your suggestions!

The alt text has been added to the buttons. There may be a lot of things like this here and there, and we will fix/polish them little by little. Your feedback helps. :slight_smile:

With regards to the forums and wiki data, nothing has been lost. All the forum data (posts) from the old forum system was migrated to the new system, so it is available here. :slight_smile: The wiki, as Waldemar mentioned, will be repositioned to fit into the context of the website and to fulfill a distinct role within that context (it was like a website inside another). We will work with Austin Bales (marcom team member and wiki admin) to move this forward, but it is not going to happen overnight, so we will need a little bit of patience from the community.

Thanks to your feedback, I was finally able to figure out why this was happening. It is fixed now. Thanks!