New to Haiku. Old Amiga guy

Hi. I just heard about this from “Explaining Computers”. I played around with BEOS back in the Amiga days. It’s nice to see someone carrying on with it.

Looking forward to OpenCL or CUDA support.


CUDA is propertiary, and even Linux works only with the propertiary nv driver, so we can only hope Nv will start to support Haiku in the future.

OpenCL could be somewhat easier, as MESA already have some support for it, and it isn’t limited to Nv harware. Some preliminary dependencies already available for Haiku, which allows to build and run OpenCL programs.
It reports 0 OpenCL cores for the program, thus it is just a build-workaround for ports which hard-depend on opencl headers and libs. The compiled programs can run and function, but slower.

AFAIK nobody tried to build MESA with enabled OpenCL backend on Haiku yet (except me, but i failed).

Welcome to Haiku! I might add there’s also the AROS project as well for Amiga fans! :slight_smile:

AMD does have a HCC/HIP framework to allow porting CUDA code to OpenCL which would work in theory once accelerated drivers and OpenCL work.

I did test compiling Mesa’s OpenCL ICD with your OpenCL port. Some Mesa config changes were needed moreso on the Mesa port for Haiku for it to confgure properly…

Hmmm, maybe i’ll look into it again, but i think it asked for an LLVM source tree, and i dont had the motivation to build it.