New Suggestion

I have a great suggestion
How about no more suggestions ?

There is an old saying, about a better mouse trap, etc
The point is there is no such thing. You cant beat Windows, and You cant overcome Linux

So why not just keep it simple, The BeOS way, nothing built in, just a strong and simple backbone

Let the application developers build the apps people want, and let them get paid for it, if its good, and let them support it

You cant please everyone, so just keep it simple and strong. Then when some young person or company with the time and passion to write good code, makes a good app, He/they will also get the prestige and hopefully monetary support to keep it going

One great thing about BeOS, was the fact that they purposely made small tiny applications, and released the code so people could build from them. The only reason they made applications at all, is so people had something workable, until someone else came by and made a full version

They wanted other people to make the big apps, and make the money if those apps sold

Unlike Microsoft where they made everything, no matter if it was good or not, and didn’t like anyone to make money off their OS

Suggestions of automated windows, schemes and translucent this or that, is a waste of time at this point. People asking for FTP built into the tracker, and something else built into something else ?
Its gonna be another 10 years before we see a real release come out

Build a strong simple OS, with the basics all there for other people to build on. And soon other people will be releasing the cool stuff, the eye candy stuff, and updates, mods, etc

At this point, we are all dying for a fully working, stable release
I could care less if it had nothing at all, as long as it didn’t crash 10 times a day
And I could use all my hardware on it

Right now I cant, not even half of my hardware is supported yet
And all I ever see here is people asking for eye candy

Other then that, great OS and great people, I wish you all nothing but luck
But I’m really jonesing to use this thing, and have access to all my drives, wireless, bluetooth etc