New screenshots from the testing/pre-beta image

Screenshots for the last pre-beta image (from this thread: EFI-Enabled (!) R1/beta1 Testing Images: Almost-RC ) have been posted to my personal blog first, and from there were posted to Medium.

It’s my hope that by sharing these on Medium, a wider audience will get to see an article on Haiku than the few that open my blog and it will help garner interest in the upcoming Beta release.

Also, I’ve also posted these to a new blog I’ve started called OS Voyager, which has the new Haiku screenshots as its very first entry, (and hopefully will show more in the future).

I think this is going to be my last set of Haiku screenshots until the beta (and I have a YouTube video planned for then as well).

Thanks, all. And I hope you enjoy my latest screenshot set of Haiku!

I did want to mention as a note that the text in Installer is still cut off. I didn’t want to add that in the screenshots this time, but it’s still a thing in this build, just as a fyi to the team.

Is there a bugreport for this? (and it would be a nice place to put the screenshots :wink: )

I’m fairly sure that bugreport isn’t part of the R1beta1 milestone, and it should be.

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It was and I attempted a fix after his last round of screenshots, and it worked much better for me after that. Really this is the same BTextView layout bug that we’ve had for ages, and nobody’s found the time to delve deeply enough into that code to figure out what’s really wrong with it.

Yes, but what about a SetExplicitMinSize on the Installer window or something for the beta, at least?

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This is a valuable initiative as the collection of screen shots show to anyone not familiar with Haiku what to expect (see) when using it.

One thing, with such a high number of screen shots, it feels that a video may be a more effective way of conveying the same information.

By the way, were you aware of the Voyager Project ( )? This is an attempt to recreate OS/2 Warp.

I like their motivation for tackling such a complex recreation project:
OS/2: Everything is an object [tm]
MacOS X: Not everything is an object
Gnome: We once tried objects
KDE: We claim there are objects
Windows: There is no object

Now, if we were to add a line for BeOS/Haiku, what should it be?

“What is an object, and why should the user have to worry about it?”

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