New SB targets?

I’ve recently added some production to TeamHaiku.
How about putting up some new targets to reach?
I purpose these:

  • 10th or higher in Total Production and Overall Rate
  • 3rd or higher in Last Day’s Rate :slight_smile:

Johannes Lundberg

The team founder of TeamHaiku on Seventeen or Bust (Zoink a.k.a. Haicube) has already stated his long-term goal to be in the top 10 for Total Production - and really, Total Production is the only measure that counts in the long run :wink:

Several of us have been branching out to other projects (there are well over 50 of them that we participate in!) - so we haven’t been concentrating our efforts solely on SB for quite some time now. As we grow and gain more team members, I think we will have enough distributed power to apply goals to individual projects - we often plan, coordinate, and execute some smaller goals on the IRC channel every couple of weeks.

We certainly don’t discourage goal-setting for SB production, but I’m not sure how practical it is given the number of other projects we are currently “catching up” on. We are gaining ground on many of the larger teams every day - and we are very obviously a team to contend with in the future.

Our current 14th place DC-Vault ranking speaks for itself: