New Project: BeSly System Analysis Tool (BeSlySAT)

Dear @lelldorin

I just woke up after I slept enough finally in 2022 to fill out those last days in last year -2021- when I burnt in fever of creating hungarian gathering meeting preparations and other exciting stuff, that might help to establish this – my Haiku “business” ( too ) – to let me have in 24/7 !!

And then this very good news of you …

Thank you for your care ! ( Thousand flyin’ luftballoons ! )

These days are too exciting !

Here are a new screenshot. Add single hardware are ready. I will release the new version then i have the export function ready.



Dear @lelldorin ,

Finally I downloaded yab zipfiles of hpkgs for both platform (32 and 64 bit).
In the night or tomorrow before noon I install it in nightly image I have.
However I might create new USB installer also from latest nightly to check out wifi setup progressed or not.

Happy New Year !
Have a good day !

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Try this for wifi, it works fine.

Thanks to @muffin for this hint

Vonets VAP11G-300