New port: deark (file conversion utility)

From the website (Deark):

Deark is a portable command-line utility that can decode certain types of files, and either convert them to a more-modern or more-readable format, or extract embedded files from them. It also has an option (-d) to display detailed information about a file’s contents and metadata. It’s free and open source.

This is a great little tool for retrocomputing fans, or people with a stash of old files that they can’t open. For example, I’ve used it to extract resources (such as pictures) from Psion .APP and .OPA/OPO files. It will also convert the proprietary three-colour .PIC files to PNG, which means I can take a screenshot from a Series 3a and not have to use DOS apps or (IrfanView on Windows) to convert the file.

It also handles Acorn sprites, Amiga icons, MacPaint, PalmOS bitmaps, PCX files, WMF files, and a load more. The full list is on the website.

Thank you to @Begasus for his guidance in getting the recipe to be HaikuPorts-ready.