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During this year’s coding sprint in Toulouse (which I was able to attend, thanks to being in Europe on a study-abroad program), I spent a lot of time massaging HaikuPorts to generate a consistent-enough state of packages for us to switch to them by default, and then making the in-tree changes necessary for the switch. Thanks to this and mmlr’s comprehensive overhaul of the HaikuPorter Buildmaster over the past couple months, we have finally switched to the new repositories by default as of hrev51620. If you’ve installed a nightly image from after this, you should be able to just pkgman full-sync and upgrade away.

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Thanks waddlesplash and mmlr and everyone who has made that switch to the auto-build repo finally possible! :clap: :clap: :clap:

As a result, the 32bit repo now has 2345 packages for download, the 64bit repo roughly half of that. Daily, the number increases as new recipes for native software and ports are added to HaikuPorts (currently aided by our busy GCI students).
And that’s not counting the many more packages in the other 3rd party repos.


Thank you folks! I am now permanently switching to Haiku from Windows, as my usual workflow can now be configured on Haiku. I hope more people will switch with the beta release. One question though: will there be an upgrade path from nightlies or will I have to do a clean install when release is out?

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There will almost certainly be an upgrade path from the nightlies.


This is great news! I’ll have to boot tonight and check it out.

The project cops a lot of flack for being slow to reach a release, but I honestly think the labels just undermine all the amazing work that’s been done. The recent USB 3 changes and merging of UEFI support meant that last week I managed to boot it natively on my PC for the first time (always got stuck on the USB port loop before).

Booted from a USB drive in a USB 3 port and installed without issue, this is a serious achievement IMO!


So, if I already have an install and have been doing ‘pkgman update’, which repos should be specified in my ‘HaikuDepot’? I currently have these:

Haiku -
HaikuPorts -



Current is ok afaik.

See the new URLs here:

Just change the Haikuports one with the following: