New NTFS driver now available on nightly builds

The new NTFS driver which I was working on at the time of the last contract report has now been merged. (Well, actually it was merged last Tuesday, but there were some regressions that only were corrected yesterday.)

So, if you commonly use (or would have used, if the old driver didn’t have so many issues) NTFS on Haiku, try updating to hrev55636 or newer, and see how the new driver works for you.

Thanks to @X512 and @Vidrep for testing the new driver while it was still in development!


Thanks Augustin for the work / fixes. Just out of curiosity, would you happen to know how dangerous is the write support? Just for the occassional file, not for production use.

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The driver itself uses libntfs-3g under the hood, so barring any Haiku-specific bugs (of which the previous driver had not a few, and this one did too during the development stages), the write support should be about as safe as NTFS-3G is on Linux or the BSDs (or macOS for that matter.)


KDL when mounting in read/write mode.

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It appears you have a volume with reparse points. I didn’t do a lot with these in the code (and the old driver I don’t think handled them at all), so it’s not surprising they cause problems at present.

Looks like an initial fix should be trivially easy, at least.

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I pushed a probable fix for the KDL in hrev55638. Let me know if that improves things. (You may see broken symbolic links in the volume once it mounts, though; that will be a related issue, but this should at least solve the KDL.)


Will be sure to try when I get 10 installed at home tonight.