New nightly won't boot on Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 motherboard

I just got a new, used motherboard and it won’t boot. It displays the boot icons and stops there. I tried to boot from CD and from a pre-built disk and there is no difference. I enabled safe boot with no difference. When I enable debug logging it does this:

add_memory_type_range from 105 to 115 then
PCI: PCI controller found
PCI: FixupDevices: checking bus 1, 2, 3
PCI: Dom 0, bus 0, dev 28, func 0 changed PCI bridge control from 0x0000 to 0x0003

Does this 3 times then stops

Any ideas? Only USB devices are mouse and kb. 8 GB RAM, quad core CPU.

It seems like a bus lockup. Could you submit your information on the bugtracker, plus a “lspci -vvv” from a Linux boot?

Logged it as #11648, tnx

Updated with lspci.

I had a similar problem with a new Gigabyte USB3 capable motherboard - the fix was disabling xhci in the bios.

I turned off USB3/xHCI, plugged in a Radeon HD-5450 video card and it booted up! Thanks for the tip!