New kernel Beeos spotted

just found this under Github recommended repositories - interesting name, does anybody know more?

Seems to be yet another UNIX clone a bit more complex than xv6. It even have no module support in kernel and userland, kernel is fully monolithic. I can’t find anything related to BeOS/Haiku in it.

thanks for the quick analysis @X512, I was also wondering why it is obviously inspired by the BeOS moniker.
We need to draw these developers into the magic field of HaikuOS so they can improve this endeavour and add drivers, fix kernel bugs etc…
See also:

Let’s start by not saying “HaikuOS” but “Haiku” :slight_smile:

And, everyone is free to do whatever they want. Some people enjoy working in a team like Haiku, and making progress on an existing OS. Some prefer to do their own thing, or start from scratch because they want to understand the inside of an OS.

They can find us if they want to. I assume that’s not the point in these projects.

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