New in the forum and haiku-distro idea :)

Hello, before nothing to present/display to me, I am Spanish and great they fan of Haiku, I hope with anxiety one first version of tests while I am using those of vmware, first of all to give him thanks to the equipment by the work that realise.

My idea would be a distribution of Haiku a autoactualizable Pendrive to be able to use our Operating system from any PC with our desktop applications, multilanguage and others, at the moment work only in ideas, although I would like that she left ahead someday.

Much luck and intentions with the project, from Spain, -Caleb-

POSTSCRIPT: Use automatic translator due to my English, pardon if something is not understood well.

Haiku on a USB Memory stick or some other portable media… sounds like it could be useful, or just plain neat, if nothing else. :slight_smile: – though I’m not sure how useful it would be right now (lack of apps and hardware support??)

It’s something that has been mentioned a few times on the mailing list - there are things preventing it from working in the USB stack at the moment, and the bios would need support for booting from USB (though most modern ones should have that). There are people interested in making it work though. I agree it would be very neat to carry around your computer install in your pocket.

I heard for other OSes that it would be a bad idea to boot from a USB flash memory stick due to the number of temporary files being generated/deleted significantly reducing the lifetime. Not sure if this applies for Haiku as well?
Anyway, a USB hard drive wouldn’t be affected by this (but slightly larger to carry around).