New idea ..I think

On each future addition of the Haiku ISO, include a few links to Haiku “official” How Too video URLs, on youtube and elsewhere. A lot of people with reading problems and there are many now a days, at least in the USA would love it. Remember this is not suppose to be Geek only when you make them, but very Grandma first time user friendly and even Geeks should appreciate such a simple straight forward approach.

i’d love to make some haiku howto videos

That would be EPIC! I would especially enjoy watching a video on how to compile HAIKU from source.

There are a number of how-to videos and other Haiku related videos scatted around Youtube. It would be quite easy to organise them by moving them to the official Haiku Youtube channel or liking/linking with the official Youtube channel.

But from what I understand, the official Youtube channel was set up and abandoned by a former team member who left the team some years ago and they are trying to find where he stored the login details.

The official Youtube channel already has a modern channel theme make for it, it is just a matter of getting the login details.

meanwhile, vimeo?

I’ve been told that Haiku inc. have the login details.

If you want to tell Haiku Inc. to spruce up the YouTube channel, add more videos and get the page verified by Google, suggest YouTube ideas, then go to Haiku’s “about” page on YouTube and click “send message”. They might not reply, but they will see it.

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