New icon for Haiku in rEFInd


My merge request in rEFInd to set up a better icon has been merged:

Previously the icon for Haiku in rEFInd looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

I recommend that you update your rEFInd installation to enjoy this new icon :slight_smile:


is there a reversed color (H)? so that you can also see the H when using a dark mode?

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rEFInd itself does not come with a dark theme built-in. There are various themes available, each using slightly different styles. I can make a dark version of this icon (based on a version of the sticker with a dark blue background) but it would be better to know which theme to match it with (so that it has the same shadow or shine as the other icons)

Ok, that makes sense, then the dark theme people will have to deal with it. Thanks for the answer.

Ah nice Icon…
how to update refind? Is refind updated with the new Haiku Logo/Icon?
rEFInd is working for me now, but I still do not know how to update it?
Just copy the haiku bootloader found in the nightlies build over?

rEFInd is a separate package and not updated by Haiku. But you can install the new icon manually:

  • Mount your EFI partition (it should be available in right click on Desktop → mount)
  • Go to EFI/refind/icons
  • Replace the os_haiku.png file with the new one linked above

i am from china,my computer already set six PC system.


I renamed my refind folder to BOOT as I thought is right!?
I opened EFI/BOOT/icons and replaced the os_hailu.png with the .png icon linked above by downloading this .png icon.
All other icons in /icons are .png and have same size, so I think it is ok now!

Will have to test it later-
EFI allways boots with framebuffer, so I cannot chang my resolution to native HD 1920 x 1080px.
So I use VESA to get native resolution.

EFI cannot mount mbr/VESA is it? Only GPT/UEFI

Hope I get it right!

Thanks PulkoMandy

EFI and MBR can work together, no problem.

VESA is only for BIOS, however. In EFI you can select the video mode only from the boot menu (press space while booting Haiku before the boot screen shows), or from a configuration file you have to edit manually.

hmm, I did not get to the boot menu right now, tried a couple of times…
Is it the refind.config file to look for and edit that?

I love this theme! What’s it called?

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