New Haiku Related Site

I have put Haiku Security back online. It is available here:

Some of you may recognize it. It was up before at a different URL.

If you have anything to contribute, please use the Submission tool available here:

Just a friendly notification that there’s a typo, “For more informationi”, on the front page. And on the tools page, “Its is” under File Encryption and the double 2. on the bottom of the page.
Not a spelling error, but on the Privacy page, there isn’t an email above to click to email you.
Other than that, it looks wonderful! I’m not trying to pick on your typos, but it seems that you want this site to be the official documentation of all Haiku security notifications, and a perfectly spelled site would be necessary for a professional appearance.
Excellent idea! Thank you for this site!

If you find any more errors don’t hesitate to mention them.

Could you try a "Contact Us" form or an obfuscated e-mail link instead of "i n f o -=a t=- h a i k u - s e c u r i t y -=d o t=- c o m"?

I hate to double post, but its just a bad habit of mine.

I had an idea:

Here is my "designed for Haiku logo". I would post a disclaimer though: "This badge should be used only for applications that are 100% feature complete and follow any and all guidelines for UI or application development in place now or in the future. They should be well documented; available in a language that Haiku is available in; contain no spyware, adware, or undocumented "phone-home" features. "

ar1000 wrote:
Here is my "designed for Haiku logo"
What the the A stand for ? BTW, it's a shame BeBits dosen't properly categorize all the BeOS derivatives.. :roll:

Kind of got double posted or something. Can it be moved? Or is it in here for good now?

jeanmarc wrote:
ar1000 wrote:
Here is my "designed for Haiku logo"
What the the A stand for . . .

A-grade app.

As far as BeBits, we will probably need our own repository at some point. sounds good, 5-7-5 is a haiku. 17 is the 7th prime.

Really should be an H there, A doesn’t really fit.

HaikuSecurity, your signature goes to a placeholder page, looks like you missed the dash.