New Haiku Install - can't read USB key

I just installed the R1 release on a dell something or other someone just gave me. I can’t get it to read USB sticks. I am not super familiar with the OS but it is not listed in the ‘mount’ option on the desktop and when I look in /dev/disk/usb there is nothing in that folder.

I’m not on the internet at home so I can’t give more details (Sorry, maybe annoying post) but I’m wondering if there is anything obvious that I am missing here before I find a floppy disc and see if I can get syslogs etc etc.


There is a bug listed with similar symptoms to what you describe but it was fixed 4 weeks ago. Bug:
In that bug if you boot with it plugged in it is recognized after boot. Have a look and see if it applies to you or maybe you have a slighly different bug. You might try and get it reopened or post a new bug.
You said: “I just installed the R1 release on a dell something or other someone just gave me.” Do you mean that someone gave you the dell or usb stick.
If someone gave you the dell has it got any other operating system. If so see if the usb stick mounts in it. Or if someone gave you the usb stick see if it mounts on another computer and/or operating system. Old usb memory can wear out quite fast if it is rewritten many times.

The ‘dell something or other’ is a reference to the computer. Haiku doesn’t see USB sticks whether it is booted with them insert or not. The same USB stick is recognized and works with an ubuntu system. I also can not mount floppies - they don’t appear in the ‘mount’ menu either.

One thing - this computer is older - I had a heck of a time getting to boot from USB and just ended up using a CD.

When I insert usb key nothing shows up in the syslog.