New developers on Haiku


We are a group of 12 students from the Avans University of applied science, located at 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. This semester we are creating an Instant Messenger for Haiku supporting multiple protocols, like MSN, Google Talk and jabber.
Our focus is to create an application that is really going to be used. We want to achieve this by creating a nice, user friendly GUI.
Programming is done in C++ and we are going to incorporate different design patterns (at least 4).

Any tips are always welcome, so are questions. We would very much appreciate you participating!

Greetings, Avans group MI7SEa

I see you are Jos van Weert’s Students. The forums here are for people who are apprehensive about using mailing lists, but still want to be involved with haiku. You should try the mailing lists.

The mailing lists are where all the Developers “hang out”. They can be found here:

The top two mailing lists on that page get most of the traffic.

It’s still work in progress but i think you should <a href=>have a look at the IM kit. It would be a waste of time to make the same work twice :wink:
thanks for joining the Haiku project

Why an new IM client?
Why not help You in the development of IM-Kit or BME?
We dont need MORE client, we need AN working client.

But thanks.