New Contributor: Eager to Learn

Hello everyone! I’m joining this fantastic Haiku community as a new contributor and I bring with me a passion for learning and a little bit of experience in the world of programming. Specifically, I’m familiar with C++, but I’m here to learn and grow alongside all of you.

I’d like to start my journey by seeking advice and guidance on how best to immerse myself in this vibrant community and expand my knowledge of C++. Thankyou so much!!!


Welcome, and Happy “Haikuing”! :slight_smile:

Be sure to give these links a look, to see if the info there can be of help on your journey:

Plenty of work to do, depending on your interests, from investigating/fixing bugs on Haiku itself (most voted tickets), to helping with bugs or new ports over HaikuPorts, etc, etc.

On this forum, the IRC channels, mailing lists… plenty of avenues to keep in touch. Welcome again :smiley:


Hello and welcome! The first stop at learning to develop for Haiku is I don’t know what version of C++ Darkwyrm used to make those opening tutorials with, but it probably needs updating. The website has been generated from so submit pull requests there if you see anything out of date.


Hi @_pallavi_48 , Welcome to the community :smiley:

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Hello and welcome! We can always do with more help!

I think one important part in this is deciding what you will work on exactly. Pretty much everything is to be done (ranging from drivers to utility applications, with all the operating system in between). Personally I find it more interesting to work on software I actually need, and so that’s how I pick my tasks: try using Haiku, find something that doesn’t work, and try to fix it.

Do you already have a few ideas of things you want to work on? (just to see if we can provide more focused help on specific topics, if you don’t know, just take some time to explore Haiku and I’m sure the ideas will come).


I recommend looking at the Haiku Software Archives Github repo, there are close to 400 small and large applications that you can look at to get more familiar with the Haiku API.

Clone them, fork them or build them on your Haiku system to make your own changes. Or try to solve some of the issues. I think that’s a great way to both contribute and get yourself familiar with programming in Haiku.

Welcome to one of the most friendly communities I’ve seen :wave:


Welcome to Haiku, always glad to see new contributors! Furthermore I think all is being said to get you on your journey, enjoy!