New Computer

I just got a new Toshiba T135 1307 it does not have a dvd drive, what’s the best way to install Haiku? Also has anyone done this install; how did it go?

Can it boot from a USB flash drive?

Try writing the ISO to a USB stick, those writing tools are universally available for Windows, Mac and Linux, so try it out.

Else try a external DVD drive, should work as well!

Installation took 15 minutes on an old notebook (P4 2 GHz) with an USB DVD drive :).

You can read about how to copy the raw image (.image) to USB drive here:

Probably best not to suggest things that won’t work…

Haiku’s ISO files cannot be booted from USB stick, you must use a raw image for that currently.

Perhaps in the future we’ll have a single image that can be booted from both (like Moblin uses for example), but for now, this is not possible.

I copied the image to a USB drive, set the bios on the notebook to boot from the drive, but then got the error message Invalid system disk. Perhaps I should read the instructions? Doing that now.

Read the instructions, the dd command does not return list of removable drives. This is under windows 7.

You could try Flashnul:

OR you could try Haiku-on-a-stick: (same underlying tech as Flashnul, plus needs latest Microsoft .net installed)

At this point it may be time to find out how much an external USB hard drive costs. But first let me ask if anyone knows if Haiku will even run on a Toshiba T135 1307?

I would drop the cash on a usb dvd drive. They come in very handy if you want to install a linux distro too. Also, from asking around, it will run on a Toshiba T135, not perfectly though. I’m not sure exactly what the issue is but I think its most likely wifi from their complaints, which is no surprise.

An external USB DVD drive is a good idea - I have an external Memorex DVD-RW drive that I can boot Haiku LiveCDs on just fine. I have used it to boot Haiku on my Acer Aspire One for example.