New background for the alpha

The solid blue is a bit naff and invites more “Win95 UI HURRRRR!!!” comparisons than is welcome. I know it’s strictly speaking supposed to be a developers and testers-only release, but it seems a shame seeing as there’s a nice modern theme with nice modern icons to ship with such a drab background. It’s the easiest thing in the world to change, sure, but first impressions count and lots of reviews and stuff will probably just stick with whatever the default is for their screenshots, videos etc.

The blue from Haiku is not the same of Win95 (I tought Win95 had pale green desktop). I always related blue to Haiku in terms of OS’s (Green-SuSE, Purlpe-Gentoo, etc)

And most important, Haiku wants to maintaing the BeOS style, wich is the isometric-like icons with solid colors. Also, the color scheme, Yellow-blue-grey.

I think it’s a way to get out from the current “web 2.0 gradients, and polished alpha looking”.

As already asked in the past (search the forums), something like this would be really great, IMHO:[by_captain_herisson].jpg

…and not only as a background !

EDIT: I also suggest Devs Team to involve the SkyOS’ developer (Robert Szeleney - aka “the machine coding human”) 'cause his work has great potentials…

Check out <a href=>SkyOS’ Screenshots

I totaly agree dark blue like on the top of this website would be much better.

SkyOS is light blue mostly

Why cant people let Haiku have or keep the same thing that made BeOS great
BeOS was great because it was simple.

No two people in the world, are going to agree on what background or color their personal computer should have. So why try to make people happy
Keep it simple and clean, and light blue is the best way to do that

I hate the Windows XP screen, and I have hated every single version of Linux that I have ever installed. One of the biggest reasons for this, was the background image

I dont need a fox, or a wolf, or a whale or ocean, or purple, black, white, etc etc etc
I hate installing Linux for people, because the first thing they ask me, is to change the background for them, they dont know how, so I get stuck going through 50 files to help them choose one, which I do not get paid for!

If you want to do something, then simply make it easy to change, and let each person change it themselves. For the masses, make it something simple and generic
A pretty blue screen, with a simple Haiku Logo is perfect
The first thing I do after installing Haiku, is center the logo
If you want to make it better, center the logo

Think of it this way, should Ford or Chevy sell cars with a picture on the hood ?
Should they use weird or exotic colors ? A stripe looks good, some people will like a red stripe, and the others a black stripe, someone else, 2 stripes, someone else 50 stripes

Keep it simple, keep it clean, Keep it light, that should be Haiku’s model
You want to change it, change your own, and let everyone else do what they want