New 3D strategy game blog (also runs on Zeta/Haiku)

OK, so I’m beating my own drum, but what the heck :lol:

New Civilization like 3D game being constructed, as well as a developer blog. Interesting comments about developing under BeOS/Zeta/Haiku, and observation of rendering bugs :slight_smile:

Now back to your scheduled program…

I wish you luck, and it’s great that you’re doing a version of it for our favourite platform family too. :slight_smile:

I started one of these last year, too, being a Civ/SMAC fan but wanting something different (and different than what you’re going for too. :slight_smile: ) I was using Allegro and it was surprisingly easy to get started with. One day it’ll fall off the shelf and I’ll have to pick it up again…can’t wait to play yours in the meanwhile. How’s GL support in Zeta?


Updated screenshots if anyone is interested.

Lookin’ pretty nice…you can still see the seams on the textures though. Are you going for 3d water in the end? That’d look neat. :wink: