Neutralino.js port attempt

The following quote from the .NET thread got this started.

In my first attempt at porting Neutralino, I attempted to target WebKit_GTK and GTK3 using the existing build infrastructure but BuildZri v1.0.0 didn’t have a clue how to build on Haiku. I tried hotwiring it to think that it was just a flavor of Linux but it wasn’t close enough. The build failed.

The following dependencies are assumed on the Linux build:

  • xrandr
  • xcb
  • WebKit2GTK+ v4

It appears there will be no easy shortcuts on this build. I (or someone else) will have to go through the Python3 build script. If anyone else is interested, the repo is at:

The build instructions are at:


It is necessary to add Haiku; compiler and cpu architecture in BuildZri code:

Neutralinojs uses libraries with Haiku support:

I know. That is what I was concerned about. Having to set up a from-scratch implementation of the build-script, I might as well write it as a HaikuPorter recipe and forget their build script. I’ll still refer to theirs though.


I just realized that there is a libxcb_devel package in HaikuPorts along with its dependencies. That got a little farther with the fake Linux build. Unfortunately libxrandr is not ported to Haiku so that still didn’t do it. I’ll try to keep tinkering.

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libxrandr-devel contains header file and library, it’s an X11 extension, probably depends on Xlibe to work:

It would seem that XLibE doesn’t support that extension at this time.

Part of the Infoware code is used, which uses Xrandr for display:

It would modify displays_x11.cpp file for Haiku or create a file for app_server!