Have Haiku installed on a Dell Laptop D630 and all hardware works well including the ethernet card. How do I connect to a Windows network? Have a Windows 7 laptop and Windows 10 desktop machine connected and printers. Can ping them all using names and ip so the DNS is OK.
How do I see windows machines and shares on the network and more importantly transfer/share files?
I can do this using Filezilla on the Windows machine but it is far from ideal.

What is the status of Haiku networking with other machines and what protocols does it support? Would it see a mac machine for example?

Maybe I’m missing something simple but I have had a good go at it.

My plan is to use the wonderful Libre Office port for Haiku. Full marks for that.

Have been using/observing Haiku since the BeOS days and am an enthusiast.


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BeShare (on windows Ozone for example): BeShare - Setting and Operation - BeSly Haiku only

Poorman: Filesharing with Poorman - BeSly Haiku only

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Haven’t checked lately, but maybe Gerbera could do the trick for accessing files over the network?

There is also samba/fuse (iirc), but I don’t know the status there.

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Unfortunatly that ist still samba 3.6 from ~15 years ago and only supports smb1, which is deaktivated by default nowadays (for good security reasons)

You can use sshfs / scp


If KDE Connect were available, this would be even easier.

At least 2 requirements missing there :slight_smile:


Dear @lelldorin ,

You are right if the queston would have been file access -
but the poster especially asked about Windows environment availability actually. 8D

So the Haiku way is not help for him.

He would save the created file into a Windows NTFS (network) drive

using the wonderful LibreOffice port from Haiku.

For me it is strange a bit why not use the LibreOffice from Windows … but hey, there are more strange expects toward Haiku ;-))

Many thanks for all the help. Am looking at the 15 year old SAMBA. Is there any enthusiasm to implement SMB for Haiku? As to why I am looking to use Libre Office on Haiku instead of Windows it is because I like the speed and elegance of Haiku as against Windows which is sluggish and keeps freezing. Since my need is to produce documents and reports Libre Office on Haiku promises as great deal. For CAD etc it still has to be Windows. And Bill Gates … Don’t you love 'im.

Also, am I missing something of is there no facility for sharing files from Haiku across a network - apart of course FTP?

The most radical use of software/operating system is an older friend of mine who is a shipping arbitrator and he uses DOS and Word Perfect and quite happily by all accounts!

Thanks again for all of the responses. Andrew

Er … Am trying to install the SAMBA package in /system/servers as indicated but the folder permissions are read only. Can use chmod to change these but neet to be the root user. su root requires a password and I don’t recall (?!) setting one. Is there a default root password? Or a way to install the SAMBA without changing the read-only permissions. If I have set a password that has got lost do I have to reinstall the Haiku again or can I reset or get around this. Thanks

Where did you read that you should install it to /system/servers? :thinking:
If I’m not totally wrong,this directory is part of the read-only packagefs which is mounted from installed packages.
To install the samba package,you simply type pkgman install samba or install it graphically from the HaikuDepot application.

That’s good to know. I’'l try it. I searched for SAMBA in Pulkomandy’s BeOS software archive and there is a package that says UNPACK IT IN SYSTEM SERVERS However I will go down the simpler route. Is there a default root password or have I been forgetful?
Thanks for the help.

That’s an old archive made for BeOS,which didn’t have Haikus package system.
Installing software works totally different,and a lot easier today.
You don’t need a root password btw,you have all rights with the default account.

Haiku doesn’t use PulseAudio, so this would need a native replacement using the media kit to work.

That and a port for qtwayland (Qt5), already got one here for Qt6, but can’t use that before KF6 sees some light. :slight_smile:

My archive is for old BeOS software, it is not meant for use on Haiku even if there is some compatibility.

For Samba on Haiku, you can install FuseSMB which is available in HaikuDepot: Haiku Depot Server

I see some people have mistaken the vote system of HaikuDepot for a bugtracker, and did not report the bugs to the developers.


Sometimes it is better to warn the user what he/she is going to install!
Some advice is better than let the user disapointed back!

but it’s also a good idea to let the developer know that there is a problem, otherwise it will never get fixed.

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