Networking problems, might be IPv6-related

My ISP recently activated IPv6, and my router is giving out IPv4 & IPv6 addresses. Build hrev56141 isn’t getting an IP address any more from DHCP. So I set it to an unused IPv4 address outside the DHCP range, and entered the IPs for the DNS servers. Despite that, I can’t connect to anything locally, even when using the IP. I can’t SSH into a machine connected with the same switch. Disabling the ipv6 and icmpv6 modules didn’t help.

Is there something about potentially receiving an IPv6 address that would break things? Or is my rtl81xx/0 device just picking a random day to stop working? (It shows as connected though)

Is there something else I could do to troubleshoot? Otherwise, I’m thinking I have to install the latest build in a VM, sneakernet the updated packages from the VM to the laptop, install.

And trying to use Wi-Fi with the idualwifi7260/0 results in a kernel panic when trying to connect to my network (can see the SSIDs though).

Unhandled page fault in kernel space at 0xffff, ip 0xff…ffe633c75c

iwm_phy_ctxt_apply.constprop.0 + 5c
iwm_netstate + 0x38f
ieee80211_newstate_cb + 0x120
tq_handle_thread + 0x65

kernel: common_thread_entry(void*) + 0x38

ic_taskq_1009_kstack@0xff…ffe66ff000 + 0x4fe0

Ironically, I was trying to help with regard to this Intel Wi-Fi-related ticket #14298 ([8086:3165] Intel iwm driver not loading for idualwifi7260) – Haiku

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If you want to manually configure ipv4 without DHCP you need to set the gateway mask etc aswell.

It might be easier to try and figure out why DHCP broke? my LAN gives out ipv4 and ipv6 adressed and that didn’t break Haiku
(it shouldn’t either, we dob’t do dhcpv6 afaik) (maybe your dhcpv4 got disabled somehow?)

A commit in 56139 to allow MTU change and so to receive jumbo frames broke rtl8xx module. This is probably why DHCP can’t connect. See this forum thread
Boot from a state previous to that revision, and update; the fix is already in nightly.
Enjoy the new speed. Only drawback is that NetPulse stats are now broken. Probably for the same reason that they are for other people for a while already.

I’ll boot from an earlier state, thanks! I had read about that the rtl issue, but forgot that I had one.

As the other commenters note, hrev56141 is in the range where the rtl81xx driver was pretty broken. It should work again on hrev56152 or better.

This appears to be the old idualwifi7260 driver, i.e. not the OpenBSD one. So if the new driver works and doesn’t KDL, you may not need to even bother reporting this… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Going back to an older state allowed me to update, and get the new wpa_supplicant and intel_wifi_firmwares packages. No KDLs with hrev56168, but the new driver failed to connect to my network, and failed to see any SSIDs after that.

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