Networking: Multiple IP addresses


I am relatively new to Haiku and quite stuck with this issue.

How do I add secondary IP addresses to a single adapter?
I have done quite a bit of searching but nothing comes up.

After trying to configure what seemed logical to me in the /boot/system/settings/network/interfaces file, I was treated to my first kernel dump :smiley:



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What do you mean exactly? Do you want to do some masquerading, some tunnelling, or simply add an IPv6 address to the IPv4 address obtained by the adapter? There’s some work in progress about the latest but nothing ready yet.

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I want to add multiple IPv4 addresses, as a matter of fact.
In Linux this would be called ‘secondary IP address’.

We are using Haiku VMs to test certain network infrastructure (because of its small footprint and GUI).

I don’t think that it is possible at the moment but I’m a simple user.

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Do you mean KDL/kernel panic? If so, please post screenshot of it here.

At the moment, adding aliases is only possible for the loopback device.

ifconfig loop:0 up

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OK, good to know, thanks!

Existing ticket: #804 ("ifconfig" should support :x notion) – Haiku


Yes, it happened when I saved the ‘interfaces’ file with (apparently) invalid content. After a reboot the file was reverted automatically.

The panic was not the real issue here of course, just a by-product.
I can reproduce it if you want, should I?


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Kernel should validate inputs and not crash. So I think it is a bug that should be fixed.


OK I will try and reproduce it. May be some time, as we’re moving infra to a new datacenter which keeps us quite busy.