Networking, DHCP


I fooled around with Haiku in Virtualbox but then I decided to install it on one of my computers. But I cannot access the Internet. My PCs all have IP-Addresses of 192.168.178.*, the router is, the network device on Haiku is “/dev/net/nforce/0”, all my computers get an IP-Address by DHCP. I’ve tried ping and fooled around with ifconfig so far, but I don’t really know what to do. :frowning:

Please help!

Kazu. :slight_smile:

have you checked route?

ifconfig shows a correct dhcped ip?

at which speed is you lan 10 or 100Mbits? (I noticed some days ago that my netbook wasn’t able to connect to the 10MBits (and non dhcped) lan at my mother’s home, but today i’ll check again, maybe I was in fault)

can you ping

can you ping your gateway?