Network troubles in VirtualBox


I use the nightly hrev47851 in VirtualBox. When setting up the environment I used [1] as a guide. Unfortunately, I can ping only IPs but I can’t ping domain names. I also added as a DNS in the network preferences, but that doesn’t change a thing.

I also tried an older nightly but the problem persists. Anyone knows what the problem might be? I just tested the same thing with Linux Mint and had the same Problem. So it is not specifically Haiku, but has anybody experienced the same thing? And solved it?

By the way: its VirtualBox version 4.3.16 and Windows 7 on WLAN



Try running the VirtualBox network in bridged mode, not NAT (network address translation) mode, which seems to have problems. I wrote up a bit about it at

- Alex

Ok, thanks. That helped.