Network password not being saved

Is there a default password in Haiku? I can’t connect to my Haiku machine with either SSHD or FTP. I changed the password in Terminal to something simple, but it seems like it isn’t saving it. Every time I try to connect, it returns that it’s the wrong password. Is there a way I can see the password, maybe in a config file or something? I would try the default password, but I have no idea what it is.

Hmmm, it used to be part of the Network Preferences in BeOS (as a “Services” tab), but is no longer there.

Using "passwd" from the Terminal does change a password, which may be the one used for remote logins. It updates the /boot/common/etc/passwd and /boot/commmon/etc/shadow files, look inside them for your userid too, I think it's "user", and there's a second one for "sshd".

Yup. Better docs at


I’m also seeing this in the latest revision; setting the password using passwd and then trying to log in to sshd always fails.

You need to do several things to make sure sshd works:

  • ssh-keygen -A, in case a key is missing (happens when openssh updates add new key algorithms)
  • useradd sshd, this user needs to exist for the SSH server to run
  • enable permitRootLogin in sshd settings and allow the root user to log in with a password
  • and of course, set the password using passwd

You can alternatively create other users for remote login, in which case you don’t need permitRootLogin. But such users will be restricted. They can’t connect to app_server, so they can’t launch any BApplication. This includes some command line tools such as vim and unzip.