Network - Atheros wifi (AR9565) repeatedly disconnects

While I am connected, suddenly a message pops up ‘No connection’

I select the network again, give a password…message disappears…within seconds, again it asks for password. Again i give it

After 3 or 4 attempts, it becomes stable.
Nothing to do with today’s update. Just mentioned it now
This has been going on from nearly a year or so

Which wifi chipset do you have?
I think that’s a driver issue.
I also have this problem with one of my laptops,but not with the other one.

Qualcomm atheros AR9565

Okay,it’s another driver than mine then,I have some Intel iprowifi chipset.
For your AR9565,there’s already a ticket that it has issues with automatically connecting at boot: #17064 (Network doesn't connect automatically on boot) – Haiku

the same problem with the 9462 card.
and i reboot the computer,it will be ok.