NetPositive Reloaded - looking for toolbar icons from NetPositive

I always wanted NetPositive to run on haiku, but having in mind that its already too old to be good competition for webpositive
so i’ve re-created a NetPositive feel in my new creation for haiku called NetPositive Reloaded which is a web browser build on top of QT toolkit and webkit. Its already much faster than webpositive, because i disabled completely javascript which is still bottleneck for all haiku browsers out there.


  • It has already tabs [open+closing]
  • its fast
  • more stable that qupzilla [thanks to removing javascript]
  • works best in newest nightlies with QT HPKG pack

Im looking for original toolbar icons from original netpositve [transparent png] to put em into NetPositive Reloaded

and the screen:

Looks good… Except that usually primary browser buttons are on the left and you have the progress bar in between, which looks like a garbled button at first glance, until realizing what it is. As a bit of advice, I’d probably reconsider this.

As for the icons, if you download the source, there’s icons for WebPositive (not Net+ but close enough) that can be edited in Icon-o-Matic, along with all the other system icons.

I hope this helps… Great effort!

I would leave the buttons on the right side, as the NetPositive layout… bit of history, nostalgia, whatever…

Also please consider to add the original Haiku error messages. That would be super cool! :slight_smile:

Where do I find it to download?

Its on haikuware here:


The one place where a no-thrills browser might be interesting to me is on some older hardware which will only run Alpha3, and that would require a recompile. Are you thinking about distributing the source?

Yes, i’ll release source but firstly i would like to finish it to the point of final release.

Thank you for the program.

While it does not have the features of other browsers I found it to display the websites I went to very cleanly and very very fast.

I like it a lot, and plan to use it for the websites where I do a lot of reading.

Keep up the good work.

new bookmarks tab should looks like this in NetPositive R, if i get rid of constant crashes of app thanks to qt webkit bugs :confused:

New version here:

Whats new:

  • opera-like panel
  • notepad
  • bookmarks
  • history [not working yet]
  • settings
  • magic clipboard wand - if you copy to clipboard a link with picture-file (png/gif/jpg) or copy youtube link - then clicking on magic clipboard wand triggers an action like downloading a picture/image file or download a youtube video straight to hdd -> more options soon…