NetPositive on BeOS?

Can BeOS run Netpositive (or even Otter browser)?
If so, where to find the standalone pkg for installation onto BeOS?
Many thanks

BeOS has NetPositive built-in.


Assuming you meant WebPositive/Otter then the answer is no.

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BeOS can run NetPositive (not Haiku’s WebPositive), BonEcho, a terribly outdated Firefox fork, and Opera 3.62, which is also terribly old. Maybe some terminal based browsers are also available, but do not expect wonders.
Let BeOS rest peacefully.


BeOS probably can use by ActionRetro, but I’d only use BeOS inside a VM or behind something to protect the network, for using the web in 2022 use Haiku :slight_smile:

@Diver, thank you, I did indeed mean webpositive!

Thank you for the advice.
I do indeed use Haiku on a second computer. I wouldn’t be without it :smile:

I found some older parts and put together a socket 775 quad core with x600 graphics and a very fast/modern (and expensive!) cf card plugged into a Promise IDE controller, with realtek ethernet. Very very fast and which is giving me wonderful memories of the past!

When I get time I will look into this browservice project (which I first found mentioned on the AROS forum):

It appears very interesting!

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