Need help with running CudaText editor

I installed new OS, beta2, installed in Depot - Qt5.
And tried to run CudaText for Haiku x32.
Archive XZ is here
I cannot run it yet, I always get error like “cannot find” -
this file is present in my package and I even copied it to

  • /boot/system/non-packaged/lib
  • ~/config/non-packaged/lib

but it’s not found!
Please help me to

  • run CudaText
  • add libQt5Pas* to Depot
  • create CudaText Haiku pkg in native format

You can install libqt5pas_x86 package from this repo

Thank u very much. Now CudaText runs, with some crash but it runs.

How can I create Haiku native package for editor?

Alextp is also the developer of CudaText. Let’s hope it will available on HaikuDepot soon.


Packages are created at if you want to include them in our package manager. Their wiki has a rather complete documentation on how to write a recipe file, and you can submit your work in progress as a pull request there if you need help getting it to work.

If you want to distribute hpkg files yourself, you can also create one manually using the ‘package’ command from Terminal.