Need help installing the beos version of blender 1.60

so I managed to chmod +x the executable but I can’t get it to find also it says to copy it to /boot/home/config/lib but there’s no “lib” folder in config and I can’t make one there


Do you have Python 1.5 installed? is part of the very outdated Python version 1.5,which is not available in the Haiku repository.
It may be difficult to find a download for it since does no longer exist.
I didn’t have luck at BeBytes and Software.
Finding a download of Python 1.5 is the next step to getting Blender 1.60 to work,with newer versions it won’t.

I have it, it’s right next to the executable. It came with it but it can’t find it

Try to start the executable with: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/your/blender/directory executable

You can make one in config/non-packaged/lib.

However a much easier solution is to make a lib/ folder rught next to the executable and just put the library in there

No need to mess with env variables

Are you using BeOS? If you’re using Haiku, why not use the Blender version in the depot?

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because I want to try out an older version for something

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that worked, thanks

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looks like I have a bunch of versions of python / bethon from 0.2.2 to 2.4.2, I will update the bebytes repo.

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