Need Help Compiling Crispy DOOM

I noticed that Chocolate DOOM was on the Haiku Depot, so I imagine that there shouldn’t be any reason that Crispy DOOM (a better looking Chocolate DOOM with enhanced features), could not be compiled also.
The problem I have though is that I am used to compiling on Linux and am not sure what to do when the compilation fails and tells me that I need to direct it to where my libraries are installed and so on, or in the case of Crispy DOOM, I get an error when running the script included with the source.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a stab at this and could assist me. I can say for one thing that Crispy DOOM has the same exact dependencies as Chocolate DOOM, so if Chocolate will install and run, then Crispy should too.

git clone

Thanks in advance!

Well, here compiles without problems :slight_smile: :


How did you do that?!?!? When I run the included script, it tells me it can’t find SDL2 or something like that.

If you had some troubles related to libraries, just need to search and install the packages from HaikuDepot.

The steps I followed was (always in Terminal):

setarch x86

If you need to install some libs, the “./” output will tell you. Mainly, you will need to install the SDL2 libraries (all of them are available in HaikuDepot).

I will try again when I get home. I know I had all of the libs installed, both x86 and the one’s unmarked. Though I did not see any development libs within Haiku depot. Then again maybe I had sources turned off or something.

Thank you much, I did have development files turned off! Now I’m starting to see how everything is set up!

I did a successful compile with your help, though now I have binary files which I can not put into the binary folder. I presume I have to create a HPKG in order to get them there?

Also, on a side note, I noticed that one development file was not attainable on Haiku Depot that was listed, so I uploaded the photo of the error. Thankfully it was not a file that Crispy-DOOM depends upon.

BTW, are the SDL-xxx_x86 files the only ones I need since I am running on an x86 system? I presume the ones without the x86 at the end are 64bit?

You can run the binary from any location. Not need to copy it to some especific place. However, if you want to run it from any location, you must create a link (shortcut) in the /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin/

About the SDL-xxx_x86 vs SDL-xxx: IIRC, the x86 are the versions compiled for the modern gcc7, and the SDL-xxx are the legacy ones (for gcc2). Both of them are 32 bits.

For 64 bit version, there are a different repository. If you use Haiku 32 bits, you will have the 32 bit repositories configurated. And if you are using Haiu 64 bits, you will have the 64 bit repo instead.

Since Crispy successfully installed, I figured I would have a stab at compiling a few other things, but sadly I can not seem to get anything else to compile at all.

I began with Hydra Castle Labyrinth, which appears to have all dependencies met, but alas, I got errors.

I then moved to ZDOOM but realized that we lack at least 2 or 3 dependencies there.

I then moved on to Odamex, but it would not compile the GUI, so I tried to just compile the client, but that failed also. Again, all dependencies appeared to have been met.

I figured if anything I should be able to compile REminisenscense now. I know it is on Haiku Depot, but I figured I would try it out none the less, but it told me that my copy of Cmake was too far out of date to be used.

I tried to compile PrBOOM-Plus but ./configure would not work for me despite what the instructions told me to do.

I then tried PrBOOM itself, but also found my self hitting my head against the wall once more.

Seems I have a LOT to learn apparently.

Well, in first place, I want to make clear that I’m not a developer. Just a user with a bit of curiosity. So please take this with a bit of salt:

I found three general scenarios when trying to port some apps:

  • The app depends of some library still not ported to Haiku.
  • The app have all the dependences available in Haiku, but for some reason need some love to get it compiled (for example: some hard-coded paths inside the code that need to be modified).
  • The apps that not compile at all, for some obscure reason beyond my knowledge.

My advise is that you start trying to port or compile apps that already are available for Haiku. In this way, you will learn and be sure that the app could be compiled. Also, start with apps that doesn’t have a lot of dependences. Start with some not-so-complex Qt app, or curses app.

The first steps must be oriented to learn how Haiku works. In any way, is a very interesting route, specially if you like to learn new things.

Don’t give up! :+1:

That’s what I thought I was doing when I tried to compile REminisenscense, as it is said to compile on anything! I even compiled it on AROS which is not friendly when it comes to compiling much of anything it seems.

Ironically though it says that our cmake is out of date, which makes me wonder how it got compiled and ended up on Haiku Depot in the first place.

Mind boggling! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, thanks for all the help, I am no developer either, but love to learn new things, especially now that BeOS is back!!!

The packages in HaikuDepot are built from recipes stored at haikuports ( The recipe format is quite simple, and the tool automates some of the work (like passing various arguments to ./configure to help it find things).

I suggest you at least look at the recipes, or maybe even start writing recipes when you want to port something, instead of doing it in an “uncontrolled” environment. It will make your work easie rto reproduce and we can easily include your ported software to the depot.

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Reciping is cool, but it’s quite hard to warm up to a point where you start writing them (i just copy from others or my previous ones :thinking:).

But having the configure part done and apply the fixes on the recipe work folders is a great feature.

Sounds like everyone has things quite organized, seriously!
I am very interested in the sounds of this and will do my best to wrap my head around this “recipes” business.

good luck pal… it’s very rewarding when you finish it…

All right, let me make sure I am understanding this, because I feel a little lost.

I need to download, compile, and install Haiku Porter.

Haiku Porter will work as an interface to download various source packages, and ease the process of compiling them for Haiku and creating an HPKG in the end.

I get past this point in the guide, and then I am completely lost.

"Build port and all outdated dependency ports

./haikuporter mesa --all-dependencies -j4

haikuporter is a python tool, so you don’t need to compile it. You just download it (there should be a version in HaikuDepot, or you can get from the github page). You also need to download the recipe repository (using git) and configure the tool (editing haikuports.conf)

Then you run it from terminal with some software name:

haikuporter chocolate_doom

It will install all dependencies and then build the software.

Instructions are found here:

My recommendation, plus what you said, is to have both haikuporter and haikuports root on a secondary partition without querying enabled. It’s almost as easy as having it in the normal partition, but makes downloading, extracting & compiling things a bit faster.

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There is already ZDoom recipe haikuports/games-fps/gzdoom at master · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub and you can even install it from HaikuDepot.

EDIT: Missed a point from above, I think I got it…