Need an update to BWeather

BWeatherTT is a app that provides temperature, sky and precipitation conditions, and weather forecast for your town. It can run as a replicant on your desktop. How cool is that?

But it needs an update to run on Haiku. Would someone like to update the app for Beta 1?


I asked for is already 6 years ago.

Your best bet would be to try here:

It is the most visible place for Haiku software without a dedicated maintainer, they might be interested to include BWeather there too.

If I had time I would drive this myself, but RL seems to be taking too much of my time ATM :frowning:


Hi Ithamar, I’ll try that. What is RL?

RL = Real Life :slight_smile:

The source is in the zip…

If I were more familiar with C++ and the BeAPI I would take a swing at it, but alas I am a mere vb / c# dev.


It’s mostly an issue of recompiling with correct include files and libraries. There probably isn’t much programming involved. I say give it a try and if you run into issues just give a shout out. Be a Haiku hero!

I’m looking into it now, there appears to be several compiler errors that need resolved.

visual basic, uh?

Wildman, meet yab. yab, this is Wildman.

I’ll just let you two kids get acquainted.

I’ve taken a look at the BWeatherTT source code. Please see if you can get the sources up on HaikuArchives on github ASAP. The software probably only needs a few minimal changes in order to run on Haiku. However, because Haiku, unlike BeOS, provides much of the functionality through libraries needed by the app such as regular expression parsing and fetching data from URLs this app could be widdled down to just providing the weather functionality in a much smaller, cleaner app on Haiku.

[quote=clasqm] basic, uh?

Wildman, meet yab. yab, this is Wildman.

I’ll just let you two kids get acquainted.

I know of yab, I have only recently started trying to get familiar with it however.

I came to the same conclusion after reviewing much of the source, which is why I have considered writing an entirely new program.

Disregard this post, webpositive seems to have fallen on its face >.>

Nice work!! Very cool

Full refactoring into using the new http request classes from webkit is definitely desirable, Currently I do have a codebase with all changes required to let it run on Haiku as well as updates to the service URLs. Also removed the included regex. The thing is just now sitting in my Deskbar as it was in R5 times.
Just wouldn’t want to have a third Bweather entry on Haikuware, any suggestions on how/where to publish?

I got a good way into replicating BWeather in yab anyhow, just no idea how to create the deskbar replicant now…

Yab does not have any facility to create replicants, either of the desktop or deskbar variety. You’d have to create a separate little wrapper in C++ that has just one purpose in life, which is to live in the db and call the yab executable when clicked. Come to think of it, if that could be made on a generic basis, so that it could basically load any specified file, it could be a useful utility. Anybody?

Well at least that means I can stop drudging the net for information that does not exist. Yab is starting to feel more and more claustrophobic. I know there is the desklink utility that can create deskbar replicants for any given app, but unsure if it can be used in a way as to update like ProcessController does.

Desklink - yes, I had forgotten about that.