Native CD/DVD burning app

Currently Haiku is lacking a good CD/DVD burning application, though there are several in various stages of completion or abandonment available on Haikuware and BeBits. Is there a plan to include a CD/DVD burning application as part of the official release? If so, it is essential that it include support for all of the most current formats including CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.
Some applications I have used in the past and had various levels of success with were BurnItNow!, JABA, and Helios.

The owner of JABA (developed for Zeta) posted this recently:

I have the sources (and the rights) of JABA, the ZETA cdrecord frontend written in yab. However, it was written with yab version 0.2.4 and it needs quite some adjustments for yab 1.5, and some new icons and graphics too. Any volunteer who wants to help with JABA for Haiku is welcome to do so.

Maurice Michalski, who created the Helios app retains the code. Is it possible to obtain the code so as to resume development?

BurnItNow is still being developed by Scott McCreary and is Beta 5.

that’s something to look into. Have you ever tried this JABA app? there are some opensource cd/dvd burner that are pretty much complete out there but would require to port them.

JABA was bundled with Magnussoft Zeta 1.2.1 and worked quite well. In Zeta 1.5 it was replaced with MediaFire Pro, which was a commercial burning app. All of the ones I listed are BeOS native applications and are already well developed. JABA is probably the newest of the three listed.

well if he can release the source code under a MIT license it would be easier, though i’ve googled for jaba found nothing. do you have any links for that blog or website of the retainer of the code?

i’m working on enhancements/improvements for BurnItNow:

Soon i will add full support to DVDs (currently the size bar can only calculate CD size).

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Here’s some of the links I found for JABA (Just Another Burning App)