NAS Synology DSM

Wow under Web application (WebKitGTK 2), the DSM for NAS Synology is working fine !

Nice to see that :slight_smile:


Why not WebPositive or Falkon?

WebPositive is working fine, however one limitation is that it doesn’t accept connection to local IP due to certificate issue (Web is accepting that after a warning message, which is a better choice).

Otter browser is not working.

Falkon ? I’ve seen reference to Falkon in the forums however I don’t understand what it is as the name is not in HaikuDepot AFAIK, maybe give the exact name of the app on the HaikuDepot so I can check.

For the moment, the best choice is “Web” application :slight_smile:

Falkon is still in the depot:!/pkg/falkon/haikuports/haikuports_x86_64/23/08/4/-/2/x86_64?bcguid=bc255-WTVO

IIRC it’s Otter underneath? (or the follow up for Otter), didn’t think Otter was still available. :smiley:

My bad, I find Falkon on Haiku Depot.

And yes it’s working fine as well :slight_smile: