Narrow news site range

This really is off topic. It has nothing to do with Haiku.

I’ve always been an IP watcher. I usually have a window open, showing me which IP addresses are listed as connected. In the past, these addresses were spread across a wide range, even in cases where they were owned by large content delivery networks. Lately, I’ve noticed a really weird thing. Most news sites seem to have moved to 96.16.12.x at least for people like me, who are connecting from this part of the U.S. Many news sites from other countries are addressed within a very narrow range of 96.16.12.x. CNN, CBS news, ABC news, Yahoo news, New York Times, and others in the US are connecting through 96.16.12.x, and in Britain it’s TheTelegraph, The Daily Mail, The Sun, and others as well in the same 96.16.12.x range. In mainland Europe I find Reuters is also on 96.16.12.x.

I realize that CDN networks will tend to effect this result, but I wonder if there’s some special reason for the aggregation, since I didn’t notice it was so much across-the-board before, even though we’ve had CDNs for a long while.

I briefly entertained a theory about the aggregation being for a new “high speed” lane on the internet, but discarded the thought because backbone internet routers would be priority-aware. Only internal-to-AS dumb routers would benefit, which probably wouldn’t add up to much. So, maybe the news sites just all like Akamai a lot. :slight_smile:

thanks ronald-scheckelhoff