Naming of OpenBeOS and Haiku

Actually I just visited the website and it isn’t, anymore. Someone finally bought the domain from them, apparently?

O ye… and is free for taking!
— wana change back a name to original?
And do not say that OBOS and OpenBeOS ar the same names (in a formal view it is different names!). Or not?
… hmm, and Haiku can stay as a name of first version of OBOS (OpenBeOS) project (“OBOS Haiku”), after all this is OpenBeOS project, Haiku only a futuristic (symbolic in christian tradition) name for it. My point of view.
… people who do not know (do not acknowledge) history do not have future.
… and people (or project) who do not want to fight for what they are, die.

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This sort of insistence on “alternative facts” is corrosive. There aren’t “individual perspectives” there’s simply the ground reality and then you’ve gradually ratcheted up the untruths.

Actually your bizarre claim was that keeping the name choice secret was supposed to prevent squatting, of this domain which in fact had been registered some time before. At time of writing the domain is offering some sort of dubious “talent marketplace”. Calling everybody else sharing a namespace a “squatter” unless you specifically approve of the purpose to which they put names makes you the bad guy, not them.

So, in your mind there’s an open vote, in which everybody sees that Haiku won, but then, for some reason people ask who won anyway and everyone acts as though they don’t know? Do you have any evidence whatsoever of this extraordinary course of events? Do you expect anyone to believe that somehow a vote took place in the open, and everybody knew “Haiku” had won, but then after it was known to everybody they retrospectively made it a secret and all forgot until Michael told them again?

WalterCon, a conference the idea for which was first discussed almost a year later? Even the name of the conference itself was a joke about how long it has taken to reveal the new name for OpenBeOS.

The evidence you’ve cited, a link to an OS News story about OpenBeOS changing its name actually shows that sure enough there’s no mention of any “Cease and desist”, nor even a polite request asking for the name to be changed. It’s not in the headline, it’s not in the OS News story itself, and there are no allusions to anything of the sort in the comments, they’re mostly just terrible name ideas. You on the other hand have claimed not merely that you vaguely recall maybe something about this but that you’ve actually seen this “Cease and desist” order itself, from Palm. So to the extent it has any bearing at all, it debunks your claim.

Hmm. This changed in the last few weeks.

No. You’re mixing up what I said. Nobody except a few knew for certain until it was officially announced at WalterCon. This did not change the outcome. The final outcome was that the popular name was chosen. I still don’t see how this gets construed as a secret plot.

Quite true. Is this your great evidence of a secret coup?

I will concede this. I can’t dig up the evidence which you require on this point.