My progress on WebKit2 port

Everyone has their topic on development work so I may as well make one :sweat_smile:

I managed to get webKit2 to compile and start some executables on Haiku today

I made a Twitter thread about it:

This is work that started several years ago. We had an almost working version in 2018 after the work by @Rajagopalan but I had no time to rebase it on the latest WebKit versions and fix all problems with it. Now with the help of @nephele and @madmax and others on WebKit, I have time to do the fun things again while other people fix the hard to track bugs in the existing version. Thanks everyone for your help!

Now, the WebKit2 MiniBrowser (it is a minimal browser just to test things) is starting, but it crashes when trying to load a page. So I have some investigation and bugfixes to do. I will try to update this topic when I make progress :slight_smile:


Thanks PulkoMandy. It’s nice to see work on this starting back up.


Oh that’s great news and good luck getting further on that one!
Thanks for your efforts!


When I wanted to resume work - the rebase was in messy state which I had no idea where to start from(and didn’t have enough time to look into it). Now that it is done thanks to @PulkoMandy I would also like to resume my part of work :slight_smile:


Hey that’s good to hear. Have fun again and be happy…
Big thank’s to @nephele and @madmax for making PulkoMandy happy!


I think this was long awaited thread … as may 3d acceleration is also very expected by some folks … browsing the net IS fundamental these days ! :smiley:

If it can be put it as WORKING AS EXPECTED that will make many people simply : VERY HAPPY, he-he ! :smiley:


Fireworks and thousands of flying luftballoons !!! :smiley:

Your help on this is welcome, of course!

I had no time yesterday to finish cleaning up my latest series of patches, but I will probably do so over the weekend, and push them to the git repository.


Why not here? Twitter is slow and hard to use.

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You can use Nitter to view Twitter content on a fast website without being tracked, without ads and without cookie banners.
See here: PulkoMandy (@pulkomandy): "@webkit WebKit2/non-legacy for @haikuOS compiles again and the MiniBrowser executable starts! It crashes when trying to load a page (not very surprising with the number of things left unimplemented) Let's see if I can d bug this now!" | nitter


What do you think this forum topic is? :smiley:

Twitter is a bit better for outreach, some people who don’t use Haiku or closely follow us will read it there. Forum is better for the Haiku community, and for collaboration and technical discussions if needed.

So I did both.


I just find inconvenient that opening bloated Twitter is required to see photo.


Just use one of the gateways like nitter

@webkit WebKit2/non-legacy for @haikuOS compiles again and the MiniBrowser executable starts!
It crashes when trying to load a page (not very surprising with the number of things left unimplemented)


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I tried to link the photo directly from twitter but it didn’t work this time (strange because it worked in previous times where I tried to do this). Not avery exciting photo anyways, for now…

Anyway, status update: I have now pushed this work to the webkit2 branch on github if other people want to play with it. I have extracted some fixes to put in the main branch too (doing this by small pieces and trying to make sure all commits that go there are properly tested and safe to include in webkitlegacy version).

I will resume testing and debugging tomorrow!


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Hello. I would like to know if Chromium or Firefox browser will ever be ported to Haiku? Browsers that have already been ported are inconvenient and unstable and have limited functionality. I like Haiku, but to use it, the browser must be fully functional and stable.

That’s a question to Google and Mozilla.

However, Google doesn’t accept patches for OSes other than Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, so IMO there is no point in trying to port Chromium.


Thank you, then I will wait for otter browser to be stable and fully functional

I place my bet on @PulkoMandy to get Web+ there first.


WebEngine, Blink and Qt-based browsers is probably easier target. It will work almost perfectly after fixing Javascript engine crashes.