My progress in porting Wine

Keep up the good work all coders and testers!
I hope it will be ready for Beta 4, can’t wait.
I used BeOS i386 in the old days, and have followed Haiku a long time.
Now with own HW too, before in VirtualBox mostly.


Hi there,

I’ve install wine_bin on the latest nightly to give it a try.
Although I can run the included .exe applications (explorer, notepad), every external 64bit I’ve tried so far ends up in internal error starting from explorer.exe or from the terminal command wine64 /path to exe inside c_drive.
I’ve tried 64bit installers for filezilla and notepad+.
Am I missing something?

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No, installers are usually 32 bit even for 64 bit software.


@Roberto_Costa it’s possible to use Portable zip version of Notepad++.

@X512 I added new File Type for Windows app with .exe extensions associate to Winelauncher, but I fail to start app directly from tracker. Do i forget something ? update: i set the windows exe file to application/x-win32-pe and it can be started directly. Nice


How far are we from fixing this?

I made some successful experiments with 64-32 mode switching in UserlandVM. But TLS registers control need special kernel support with manipulating GDT/LDT entries.

For current Wine version running 32 bit host OS applications seems required, so UserlandVM x86 guest or old ia32 compat kernel patch shpuld be completed. Or wait until Wine itself implements full 64 bit support without host OS multilib.


Doesn’t it already for macos?

It use special LLVM Clang patches to generate 64-32 thunks that is rejected by mainstream Wine.

I have juste supported X512 on PayPal for his great work on Wine and Wayland!


I also send out sort of regulary some money to X512 because of his 3D HW acceleration development. I plan later to support Haiku-OS with about the same amount of money a month. Not that much, but hope it helps a bit. Lets see.