My progress in porting Wine

that’s why I decided to zip down the list to one of the oldest nightly images still on file, where it do run, but as pictured the windows do not redraw / update.

I just wanted to report that Wine’s WoW64 work appears to be complete. Wine can now handle 32-bit applications with few or no 32-bit libraries on a 64-bit host. At least on Linux, Wine has become much easier to compile and I haven’t discovered any compatibility issues, other than what was already there. To enable WoW64 mode, I just compiled Wine like this:

./configure --enable-archs=i386,x86_64


Indeed, WINE’s WoW64 work is excellent, and it would be great to have on Haiku. It does still need some kernel support (to set up 32-bit code selectors, among other things) but I think we already have these, or they could be added without much work.


Wow very cool!!!

But haiku’s wine port now can refresh the windows normally? or still freezing and glitching the image inside the window until move the window to the border?

I hate wayland so much. Windows always appear in random locations and almost in the most useless location. Apps can’t save and restore their window location either. X11 isn’t great. But it’s still way better than wayland.


X11 in some ways is much better than Wayland.

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Native Haiku GUI driver was made for Wine, so X11/Wayland are not relevant. But it should be updated to latest Wine version because driver API was changed.