My new HaikuBox i7 Quad System in Blue Case (Maingear Potenza)

Been eyeing this blue cased Maingear Potenza for some time. When they had a Christmas special at $995 plus $150 for the blue case, I did the deed.

I own a BeBox and as you all know the BeBox is blue. I have had a couple older systems that I installed Haiku on but I been searching for the final one that would become my dedicated HaikuBox. Well this one is it.

Super speedy, and with a little more tweeking, I hope to have it 100%. Right now it is 90%.

Built-in Ethernet is not working. Does Haiku not support Realtek RTL8111F Gigabit Ethernet?

I am using a USB Ethernet dongle right now to get on the net with Haiku.

Sound worked out of the box and video is Vesa at the moment in 1920x1080 using HDMI port on MSI Nvidia GTX660 card. The ASUS P8H77-I has a DVI and VGA port and wonder if I should try those out to get native drivers as I think it has Intel 4000 Graphics.

So in your opinion, should I stay VESA on HDMI using MSI GTX660 or use stock video that does Intel 4000? Maybe Intel 4000 is supported with Haiku? Don’t know what one will offer me best video. Or is there a driver I should download to use the MSI GTX660?

Anyway, she runs, plays movies, music, on the web. Just need to get built in ethernet running if anyone has advice on that.

Same goes on advice what video I should use.

More info to come soon.


I’ve heard that Clover bootloader can patch VESA resolutions and a few people successfully used it to get native resolution in Haiku.

Clover bootloader? Where do I find it? Does it handle the newer chipsets?

I’d just use the integrated graphics. I have an i7 laptop with HD4000 graphics, and it’s supported and works very well. Really, it’s powerful enough for most things, everything short of intensive gaming. I doubt you’re gaming on Haiku anyway!

Which model of laptop? I am looking for a new machine right now. That is why all the questions.

It’s open source OSX/Hackintosh EFI bootloader and it indeed can patch VBIOS on the fly (you need to enable PatchVBios=Yes in config file). Clover will work from USB stick, but in my experience it could only see non-packaged Haiku nighties or alpha4, no luck with newer packaged one.

Clover got me Haiku a4 at 1920x1080 in VESA mode on Geforce GT 640:

With little to no chance of Haiku having some decent video drivers (2d acceleration or at the very least resolution mode setting) for modern Nvidia/AMD chips in the near future, I firmly believe Haiku should adopt Clover as an optional bootloader for us, poor beggers with the actual nVidia/AMD discrete graphic cards and widescreen displays. You could always fork it and make it support Packaged Haiku.

Hi, I am not sure why I would use this clover. Maybe one can explain.

I am getting 1920 x 1080 now via HDMI using my GTX660 card in Vesa.

I do notice that the whole 27" display does not go edge to edge but I figured that was just a monitor issue. I have a 2" black border of no video all around the edges.

Are you saying maybe that is what I get filled if I do this clover thing?


I wasn’t answering to you directly, sir. You got lucky with this card and HDMI out, which apparently supports widescreen resolutions in VESA 3.0 mode (some of the newest do).

This clover thing could help the less fortunate ones that won’t use Haiku on real hardware, because the image stretches on widescreen displays, especially laptops. It’s worse with amd/nvidia chips integrated in desktop/laptop motherboards, as you can’t actually take them out and replace.

I don’t even care, Clover or not, Haiku should implement VBIOS patching on the fly for VESA widescreen resolutions in it’s bootloader or whatever. Just make it happen.

Heh, nice!

Looks like you are a VW driver as well :slight_smile:

I like the design of that case, and in Blue it keeps with the BeOS lineage.