My new Be (quiet!) Box

I’ve just assembled my first desktop PC in over 15 years and I call it my new “Be (quiet!) Box”. It has 2 orange LED bars at the front just like they should be, and since the RGB is controllable, I wouldn’t be suprised if eventually they can dance to the tune of Process Controller or Pulse. 100% working Haiku system (with a few upgrades):

  • Ryzen 3700X (8 core)
  • MSI x570 Tomahawk
  • Realtek 1220A audio (fully working, both rear line out and front headphones)
  • Nvme fully working (Samsung EVO 970 Pro + ADATA SX8200). 1Tb stick for Haiku
  • rEFInd boot manager
  • Ethernet via add on PCI-X intel EXPI9301CTBLK (the built in Realtek 8125B is waiting for FreeBSD port of OpenBSD driver, Haiku should follow a few months later)
  • Wifi via TP-Link AC750 travel router (bridge between ethernet and Wifi), since Intel AC6 200 not supported by FreeBSD yet.
  • Radeon 5600XT at 3840x2160.

Already using Haiku as default system. Plan to go 100% Haiku for personal use, with occassional Linux development for work.



Not a real BeBox, but still nice!
I’m not sure if all the LEDs are individually controlled on this, but if they are then you’ll have to write some driver :wink: