My little contribution

I have heard about Haiku Project, on Freenews TV on Freebox
So I want to make an test:

What do you think about?

I don’t really understand how its supposed to work in terms of functionality, but it looks very pretty. :slight_smile:

ok so I’m not so crazy about the tab but that deskbar on the right looks really unique and interesting

Well, the side bar does look ok… But if there were a re-design of the os gui, it probably would be enhancements to the look and not really a complete change. Personally I think something like the above would alienate BeOS users and enthusiasts.

Live? Thats such a Windows word :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this one looks much better.

if there was a decent themeing system these arguments would be mostly moot…


Oh good god no! Just kidding i do like some aspects, like having the multiple tabs on one window instead of inside it. But i absolutey do not want a deksbar that goes all the way from the top to the bottom (thats a waste of screen estate) and more definitly not one that goes along the top or bottom like the windows taskbar or mac menubar.
Its ok if it an option, but the defaults should not stray too far away from the original (with improovements ofcourse), since isnt that wat we all wanted when the proect started?

//Dan “judgen” Edin

What Alexander said about the first idea stands here too: this is nice, but it would be way too alienating for BeOS users and it ignores the fact that the BeOS UI was truly fantastic and will easily stand the test of time.

The BeOS UI was so distinct and so loved… it really should only be enhanced, not redesigned.

You should always be able to look at the Haiku UI and see its ancestry, no matter how many enhancements are added.