My Haiku can't boot into the dekstop screen


I installed Haiku on my Virtualbox 6.0.6 and everything works fine until yesterday I tried the system updater and install some program on HaikuDepot. Sometimes the package could not be fine but I have been told that there is something wrong about the repository and the package will be provided soon after they fix it, so I waited for little hours and everything run flawlessly, I remember that I restart it many times after that and the system didn’t break down or anything. But today, when I start my machine, the only thing I get is this blank blue screen and my cursor just stuck there. The machine is completely frost. VirtualBox_Haiku_28_04_2019_16_53_35
So, I have to reset it, after the reset it won’t boot into the desktop screen but going into the debug screen and won’t go anywhere else no matter how many time I press restart!
Could you tell me how should I do with this? Or should I provide more information? I really willing to assist in this community project for this cool OS.


It looks like your bfs partition is corrupted and could not be mounted? Try attaching iso image as cdrom and running checkfs against your bfs partition?


Will try to do that. Thank you so much!