My Haiku Artwork

I made a wallpaper for Haiku based on what it represents to me. I really think that Haiku should go with a Yellow/Green combo, as that looks very nice and can’t really be confused with other OSes. I made it partly because I was going to try to create a mockup, and needed an SVG wallpaper. If I ever get done with that mockup, I will post it here.

Here is a link to the wallpaper.

(Double post, sorry)

Here’s my mockup I mentioned. Please read the deviantart page for info on it. If there is any confusion, please tell me so I can clarify. Also, tell me what you think. :wink:

I’m sorry but I must say that looks very reminiscent of OpenSuSE actually.

E for effort though

[quote=DeweyTaylor]I’m sorry but I must say that looks very reminiscent of OpenSuSE actually.

E for effort though[/quote]

Funny, since I’ve never used OpenSUSE before, and hadn’t really looked at it much. Though, in my opinion, if you let looking like X get in the way of trying to create something, then you limit yourself severely.

Anyway, any suggestions on how to chanage it to make it look better? :slight_smile:

No, I’m just saying SuSE is rather green-themed, I saw the screenshot and thats the first thing that came to mind.

Ok, thanks. I will keep that in mind when I improve it. :slight_smile:

I liked the window style, but i do not approove of the deskbar. Try to keep it more BeOS-ish. But i do like the colours on the wallpaper though.

Oh, and the Deskbar should be on the right. In this way the maximised window title will not cover the menu button :slight_smile:

Thanks both of you, sorry I didn’t respond quickly. Holidays are busy. I will create a new version of my mockup and post it here when done with your suggestions. :slight_smile:

Green is also gOS, which is a user friendlier derivative of Ubuntu.

Ah, ok. I hadn’t seen the new gOS. I thought it went to blue with gOS space.

Anyway, I made a new version of my mockup, see it here. As always, suggestions are welcome on improving it. :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t like the large fonts that take up the entire titlebar and menu - it looks crammed and misplaced - like someone took a windows box and tweaked the appearance settings because they’re blind :confused:

Should be a better ratio of text to whitespace - leaning more toward the whitespace. You can reduce the font size significantly and have it still remain readable - the additional whitespace will make it easier for a user to locate what they want.