My Gateway NV-55c running Haiku x64 and some thoughts

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share my Gateway NV-55c Laptop that I’ve owned for (at this time) 13 years.


2.8Ghz (Two cores LOL)
8gb Ram
640G SSD Main HDD
1tb SSD HDD in the DVD ROM Bay
9 Cel Extended Battery

I had been running Linux Mint for some time on it as I do with all of my machines. I was just getting bored and I needed a new frontier to explore. I had originally attempted vanilla BeOS with some mixed success. I used BeOS in the late 90’s thanks to a friend who fanatically installed it on a harddrive for use on one of my many desktops. There was always something that stuck with me from using it.

What I liked about it was it didn’t feel like a generic Windows computer (At the time I used Win98 and NT for everything) It had a Mac feel in the sense that it was this noiseless environment, everything felt very personalized. I really enjoyed the bit of exclusivity using BeOS brought with it. It was really the last time I remember the Computers and the Internet really feeling like a fun sandbox test-bed.

I have no real goals other than challenging myself to use it everyday and install new software (I’m on day 15).

I guess i really wanted to thank everyone for supporting it and to keep encouraging people to make it great!

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You could try with Otter-Browser if WebPositive fails (it mostly works for me but sometimes I need to switch too) to upload images.
On another note, welccome back then from old BeOS days :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome. My next challenge is to get my phone mounted as a drive for general file transfer. I did successfully mount an MP3 player. One of my other tests about a year ago was to cut myself off of streaming. I forgot how much I liked curating my own media! I think on the agenda today is setting up access to my network drive where I keep all my media files.

At “basic user” trust level, it might not matter what browser you use. After you’ve read enough topics on Discourse it’ll upgrade you to a “user” trust level.

I believe you are right :slight_smile: I will try later after i have read more topics!

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

I mainly use Linux, but have BSD, & now Haiku as alternative operating systems.

What brought me here was r1b4, it worked on my computers, (previous betas had failed, one way or another).

Same here! I tried to use Haiku on this same machine in the past with no success. I was blown away when I booted this machine having thought it would hang on hardware discovery! This functions so much smoother than Linux Mint did and worlds better than Windows 7 (originally packed in with this hardware). There are quite a few compromizes but for a no nonesense desktop with real usability it’s pretty good